Information Technology

Return From Lockdown: Influence Behavior to Renew Confidence

| 1 hour

None of the technologies currently touted as a magic wand will return us to a pre-COVID-19 environment, and the coronavirus will be in our populations for a considerable time. In this case, the most powerful influencer of spread is behavior. It is also what we need to manage most to get people as economically active as possible. The tools – from symptom checkers and automatic contact tracing to notifications and gamification – already exist. This complimentary webinar looks at the tools available to governments to support both their employees and their constituents, and how to combine those tools to achieve the desired post-lockdown outcomes.

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Discussion Topics:
  • Manage behavior to influence people to be economically active
  • Tools currently available to governments
  • Support employees and constituents to achieve needed outcomes
Hosted by

Ben Kaner

Sr Director Analyst