Information Technology

Use Cyber Risk Quantification for Contextual Defensible Decisions

| 1 hour

COVID-19 introduces uncertainty on all fronts – health of talent pool, economy, supply chain, government mandates, and geopolitics influencing organizations’ direction. While organizations prepare to recast risk management priorities, there is demand for an adaptive approach that will prioritize the right cyber risk exposures impacting an organization’s business outcomes in an uncertain environment. This complimentary webinar will help weigh the value of cyber risk quantification outcomes for now and the near future. We will cover current cyber risk quantification needs, actions to take before considering a solution, and how cyber risk quantification paves the way for adaptive risk decision making.

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Discussion Topics:
  • Essential components of cyber risk quantification
  • Five actions before considering cyber risk quantification solutions
  • Using cyber risk quantification to transition to adaptive risk decision making
Hosted by

Khushbu Pratap

Director Analyst