What CFOs Need to Know: Cross-Functional Insights to Move Beyond COVID-19

| 1 hour

COVID-19 forced many executive leaders, including CFOs, to make decisions regarding employee and customer safety and business strategy at a pace and risk level they had never experienced. They need cross-functional insight to move forward with partners in HR, IT, sales and other key groups. This complimentary webinar explores the most important COVID-19 corporate response insights from HR, IT, Sales and other key functions that CFOs need to create a safer organization and an agile, impactful business strategy.

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Discussion Topics:
  • New community, emotional and ethical realities
  • How to assess enterprise values
  • A successful decision-making framework grounded in safety, continuity and resiliency metrics
Hosted by

Dennis Gannon

VP, Advisory

George Penn

VP Team Manager

Elizabeth Beard

Director Advisory

Kris van Riper

Managing Vice President