Information Technology

Post-Pandemic Business Resilience and Transformation/实现疫情后的业务韧性和数字化转型 (Airing in Mandarin)

| 1 hour

COVID-19 profoundly impacts how we will work and live when the pandemic subsides. Organizations need to reprioritize digital investments to increase business resilience and prepare for digital transformation. Join this complimentary webinar to learn how your organization can build its digital presence by shifting customer-facing activities to digital channels and the steps you should take to launch an effective digital business.


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Discussion Topics:
  • Shift customer-facing activities to digital channels
  • Develop digital products to generate digital revenues
  • Design and build an effective digital business

  • 把客户活动往线上迁移
  • 开发数字产品,形成数字收入
  • 设计并建设有效的数字化业务
Hosted by

Sandy Shen

Sr Director Analyst