Human Resources

How HR Can Sustain Diversity & Inclusion to Create Change in Moments of Unrest

| 1 hour

The recent deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd ignited demonstrations across the United States and the world. The last few weeks produced an awakening in executives as organizations pledged to combat racism and seek out inclusion, equity, and justice. HR leaders face a growing expectation to step forward with clear and transparent plans to support those aspirations. In this complimentary webinar, an expert panel looks at what actions HR leaders need to take to ensure the moment is not lost.

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Discussion Topics:
  • HR's role in steering the organization forward
  • Lessons learned from navigating previous moments of social unrest
  • Individual roles of HR leaders to support inclusion, equity and justice
Hosted by

Lauren Romansky

Managing Vice President


Mia Garrod

Director, Advisory