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Panel Discussion: Gartner C-Suite Experts Navigate the Now

| 1 hour

Enterprises continue to face unfolding challenges with the COVID-19 pandemic. Even as they try to react to the latest business and health hurdles, they must create a strategy for the next phases of the crisis. The proper response requires deliberate and collaborative action by each business unit. In this complimentary webinar, a panel of Gartner experts, from across the C-Suite, looks at what you and your fellow business leaders must be doing now to drive 2020 results and how to prepare for the next normal.

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Discussion Topics:
  • How sales, HR, finance, marketing, and IT must respond to COVID-19
  • Necessary actions to drive better results in 2020
  • Tools and processes to prepare for the next normal
Hosted by

Brent Adamson

Distinguished VP, Advisory

Maria Boulden

VP, Executive Partner

Debbie Lynch

VP, Executive Partner

Steve Sommers

VP, Executive Partner

Jackie Lyons

VP, Executive Partner

Clay Thomas Aiena

VP, Team Manager