Information Technology

Make Data-Driven Reopening Decisions with Healthcare and Life Science Insights About COVID-19

| 1 hour

Organizations, governments, and individuals face challenging decisions with limited evidence-based scientific data to show the outcome of a choice during the COVID-19 pandemic. When considering re-opening, organizations must consider the implications of returning to the office, lifting travel restrictions, requiring masks, and restructuring space to allow social distancing. When even the most mundane daily activity involves risk, you must understand what factors to include in your mitigation strategy. This complimentary webinar uses the scientific cone of uncertainty to vet assumptions about testing, contact tracing, treatments, vaccines, and herd immunity that drive reopening decisions in healthcare. CIOs will get actionable recommendations to help their organizations get to a new normal.

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Discussion Topics:
  • Why the conventional wisdom about the COVID-19 curve and reopening decisions is flawed
  • Key progress milestones that indicate narrowing scientific uncertainty
  • Get the facts about testing, contact tracing, treatment, vaccines, and herd immunity
Hosted by

Mandi Bishop

VP Analyst

Michael Shanler

Distinguished VP Analyst