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Panel Discussion: Adapt to Your Customers’ Evolving Needs in the COVID-19 Recovery

| 1 hour

No one can accurately predict what the post-pandemic ‘new normal’ will be. As businesses reopen, both consumers and corporations are navigating concerns around health and safety, a financial recession, and significant shifts in buying behaviors. In this environment, keeping a cross-functional focus on customers and their changing needs is a necessity. In this complimentary webinar, the third in its series, a cross-functional panel of Gartner experts shares what they are hearing from their clients, emerging trends, and specific actions you can take to help your team adapt to your customers’ evolving needs.

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Discussion Topics:
  • Evolving trends in consumer and customer behaviors as we progress through recovery
  • The implications of these trends across functions in your business and actions you can take
  • How your peers are adapting to meet the needs of their customers
Hosted by

Beth Coppinger

Sr Director Analyst

Nadine LeBlanc

Sr Director Analyst

Christina Klock

Sr Director Analyst

David Norrie

Sr Principal Analyst

Tim Barlow

Director Analyst