Human Resources

Improve Performance With Employee-led Feedback

| 1 hour

Many organizations are updating their performance management strategy to ensure it is not just an end-of-the year activity but a year-round conversation. Many of these efforts focus on supporting managers to provide employees with high-quality, frequent feedback. In fact, over 70 percent of organizations provide managers with dedicated support on how to provide performance feedback outside of the formal performance review. Despite these efforts, the top performance management challenge HR leaders report is that employees are not getting the type of feedback they need to perform. This complimentary webinar looks at why an employee-led approach ensures that employees receive the feedback they need when they need it and that they take action to improve their future performance.

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Discussion Topics:
  • The top reasons employees currently find it difficult to seek feedback
  • Strategies to make seeking feedback an integral part of performance management
  • Results you can expect to achieve from an employee-led feedback approach
Hosted by

Brent Cassell

VP, Advisory