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Panel Discussion: Produce Compelling Virtual and Hybrid Events That Inspire Attendees

| 1 hour

Virtual events present strengths that “real world” events cannot, allowing attendees to experience the intended message and outcomes in new ways. Digital experiences can take place outside the boundaries that calendars and physical locations mandate. However, that freedom makes it more difficult to inspire attendees by using event features that benefit from people sharing space. In this complimentary webinar, Gartner experts share their perspectives on the technological, strategic and business innovations, and challenges that virtual and hybrid events require.

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Discussion Topics:
  • Strengths of staging a virtual event vs. a “real world event”
  • Products and platforms you should employ to develop a virtual event
  • What makes a virtual event successful as a marketing or educational experience
Hosted by

Whit Andrews

Distinguished VP Analyst


Nicole Denman Greene

Sr Director Analyst


Christy Ferguson

VP Analyst


Adam Preset

Sr Director Analyst