Information Technology

EMEA Governments: Save Money Now to Plan for an Uncertain Future

| 1 hour

Governments are responding to the COVID-19 crisis by shifting spending to more urgent priorities, and they are turning to IT to contribute. In addition to renegotiating contracts with vendors and driving greater productivity and efficiency, government leaders should expect CIOs and IT leaders to engage in greater business leadership. CIOs and IT leaders can use digital technologies to help the business examine opportunities to optimize and transform how the government addresses its mission to drive potentially larger, longer-term savings. This complimentary webinar will help EMEA government leaders determine where those opportunities lie for your organization, and because of the uncertainty beyond the current fiscal year, reveal how scenario planning offers a flexible approach.

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Discussion Topics:
  • Analyze potential budget reductions to ensure cuts do not unexpectedly impact the mission
  • Cost-cutting and transformational options for IT and the mission side of the organization
  • How scenario planning helps determine future direction and investments amid uncertainty
Hosted by

John Kost

Distinguished VP Analyst


Rick Howard

VP Analyst