Information Technology

Data & Analytics During COVID-19: Strategies to Move Forward in Uncertain Times

| 1 hour

Times of crisis and uncertainty create options and unique opportunities for those who are open minded and pragmatic. The COVID-19 crisis strengthened the value proposition for data, as we realized we were flying in the dark and had to quickly become data- and insights-driven. Since the world is in recovery and reset, the time has come to put aside traditional thinking, reflect on recent transformations, and challenges, and craft a nuanced strategy that makes data work as an organizational asset. This complimentary webinar looks at key lessons learned so far and approaches organizations must take to achieve new business streams, optimization, and cost savings.

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Discussion Topics:
  • COVID-19’s impact on Data & Analytics, and how to leverage what we learned
  • Top trends in Data & Analytics
  • Recreate your D&A strategy and roadmap for the Reset
Hosted by

Donna Medeiros

Sr Director Analyst


Frank Buytendijk

Distinguished VP Analyst