Information Technology

14 Steps to Turbocharge Your Digital Workplace

| 1 hour

The pandemic created newfound respect for IT services as most organizations were able to maintain business continuity during mandatory work-at-home requirements. The experience showed that IT infrastructure and applications are suitable (in most cases) for flexible work arrangements, which has created substantial business interest in accelerating investments in digital workplace services. This complimentary webinar focuses on the essential 14 steps required to deliver a comprehensive digital workplace, which continuously boosts the digital dexterity of the workforce.

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Discussion Topics:
  • Create an innovative, sustainable digital workplace program that fosters a culture of digital dexterity
  • Identify and enlist key allies, and denote what roles are required for optimal delivery
  • Build a compelling program around an IT-sponsored “new work nucleus”
Hosted by

Matt Cain

Distinguished VP Analyst