Marketing and Communications

Insurance US Digital IQ 2020

| 1 hour

In light of COVID-19, insurance marketers need to think about the new normal where the sales and service of insurance must be digitized now more than ever. Consumers are spending more time and money online, leading to raised expectations for digital experiences with brands. Insurance marketers are making investments to minimize friction for prospects with customer service features, Find an Agent tools and online quote functionality. But only leading brands are addressing prospects’ needs and fully leveraging site and path to purchase capabilities to create a seamless buyer journey.
This webinar presentation shares key findings, methodology and ranking from the Gartner Insurance US Digital IQ 2020 Report. The Index benchmarks 52 insurance brands across the digital landscape, from site and path to purchase to digital marketing and social media.

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Discussion Topics:
Gartner research experts provide actionable insights to help marketers make better strategic investments to improve their brands’ digital competence and address the following questions:
  • How should insurance marketers focus their search strategies to reach consumers at the consideration stage?
  • How can insurance sites take full advantage of Find an Agent and Get a Quote digital tools for conversion?
  • How are leading brands using ratings, reviews and comparison on their sites to address consumer needs and combat the threat of aggregators?
Hosted by

Chris Bendtsen

Principal, Research

Maggie Brown

Specialist, Research