Information Technology

Rethink the Scale and Pace of 5G Investments in the New Normal

| 1 hour

COVID-19 continues to have a disruptive impact on the global economy. Many industries are being destabilized, and the telecom industry is no exception. COVID-19 offers technology and service providers (TSPs) a chance to rethink the scale and pace of their 5G investments. 5G will open up countless new innovation opportunities in both the consumer and enterprise markets with new capabilities and features. This complimentary webinar looks at how the pandemic will affect consumer and business demand for 5G services and emerging 5G use cases. You also will discover 5G-driven innovation opportunities triggered by 5G and the value of a disciplined approach to adopting 5G techniques.

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Discussion Topics:
  • The impact of COVID-19 on 5G in various regions
  • Potential 5G use cases may look more promising now
  • The main 5G opportunities in the enterprise sector
Hosted by

Peter Liu

VP Analyst