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The 2020 Gartner Communications Awards: The Winners, Their Projects, and Tips to Inspire Your Initiatives

| 1 hour

Since 2011, the Gartner Communications Awards have been the leading recognition for communications initiatives around the world. Covering 10 communications categories, the aim is to support and showcase the great work of communicators who have achieved real, measurable business outcomes in their organizations. In this complimentary webinar, we unveil the 2020 winners, look at the great projects our finalists are working on, and share tips for your organization.

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Discussion Topics:
  • Discover the winners of the Gartner Communications Awards 2020
  • Learn key communications trends that emerged in 2019
  • Get inspiration for your own communications initiatives from peers around the globe
Hosted by

Alexandra Earl

Sr Director Advisory


Dorian Cundick

VP, Advisory