Human Resources

Embrace a Hybrid Workforce to Enable Business Resiliency and Cost Savings

| 1 hour

The new hybrid workforce enables better agility and resilience to quickly transform, save money. and adjust your cost structure. The impact of COVID-19 shifted workforce norms, thus creating a window to rethink structure, role, remote work, and work design. Gartner research shows that differentiating costs are the largest drivers of competitive advantage and that people costs are the number-one driver of organizational cost. This complimentary webinar addresses the 48 percent of employees working remotely post-pandemic, and how HR leaders are in a unique position to rethink their talent strategy and drive change to the cost base by focusing on a redefined hybrid workforce.

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Discussion Topics:
  • The implications of a hybrid workforce for HR leaders
  • How companies evaluate a hybrid workforce with cost structure in mind
  • How talent analytics can help drive organizational decisions for a hybrid workforce
Hosted by

Scott Engler

VP Advisory


Lindsey Walsh

VP, Product, TalentNeuron