Information Technology

Develop an IT Digitalization Strategy in Manufacturing to Reduce Costs and Enhance Resilience

| 1 hour

The COVID-19 pandemic and its economic consequences forced manufacturers to rethink how they operate their businesses at a lower cost. Early on, many manufacturers took emergency steps to improve hygiene in factories and temporarily reduce costs. Yet, while necessary, these emergency steps are not sustainable. Manufacturers need longer-term strategies that enable their businesses to be adaptable and resilient. Smart use of IT is essential for that longer term strategy. This complimentary webinar addresses how manufacturers can make the necessary IT investments while managing the costs and risks.

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Discussion Topics:
  • Evolution of IT software and services to support manufacturers in the post-COVID-19 world
  • Top IT investments that optimize manufacturer costs for long-term resiliency
  • How CIOs can best mitigate IT investment risks
Hosted by

Marc Halpern

VP Analyst

Christian Hestermann

Sr Director Analyst

Alexander Hoeppe

Sr Director Analyst