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Dismantle the Myth of the Standalone CEO

| 1 hour

Technology giants often carry a single name: Amazon - Bezos; Apple - Jobs; Tesla - Musk. The reality is those are the super-minority, and you as the CEO are the norm. CEOs need a strong team to support the customer, but still have to lead and be aggressive vs reactionary to lead their companies to success. Tech CEOs need support from a great team as rugged individualism has gone by the wayside. For startup founders/CEOs, the heavy burden of leading a successful company often requires an enormous amount of support from across the organization. This complimentary webinar looks at how to instill a successful team culture.

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Discussion Topics:
  • How to focus on mission-critical activities and everything else
  • Actions that fast-growth tech companies take in delegation
  • How your board can help you hit new levels of success
Hosted by

Patrick Stakenas

Sr Director Analyst