Establish an Effective Sales Compensation Design in 2021

| 1 hour

The 2021 sales compensation design cycle will be one of the most challenging of many chief sales officers’ and sales operations leaders’ careers due to the current levels of economic uncertainty. Organizations must manage the risks of poor plan design to ensure sellers remain engaged and motivated in the most cost effective way possible to cope with the heightened costs of getting it wrong and a lack of confidence in traditional planning assumptions. Join this complimentary webinar to explore the unique risks of sales compensation design in 2021 as well as the best approaches to overcome them.

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Discussion Topics:
  • Understand the unique risks and challenges of the 2021 sales compensation design cycle
  • Enhance the decision-making confidence of key compensation stakeholders
  • Lay the foundation for effective sales compensation messaging and change management
Hosted by

Dave Egloff

Vice President Analyst


Steve Herz

Sr Director Analyst