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Strengthen Your Brand Strategy with Gartner's 2020 Hype Cycle

| 1 hour

In a time of massive social, political, and economic disruption, marketing and advertising leaders are challenged to adapt their brand narratives, strategies, and tactics. Customers and prospects already anxious about how their personal data is exploited by marketers and advertisers are grappling with existential concerns about health, job stability, and an uncertain future. In this complimentary webinar we will discuss Gartner’s Hype Cycles for digital marketing and digital advertising that highlight the technologies and tech-dependent capabilities which can make a brand resilient, capable of surviving, and profiting in a volatile environment. We will also discuss those that hold promise but are many years from being productive and review practical steps to how you should assess each for your needs.

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Discussion Topics:
  • Use the hype cycles to identify marketing and advertising technologies that meet the needs of your brand
  • Marketing and advertising technologies that are best suited to enable resilience and drive business value
  • Technologies that are driving long- and short-term change in marketing and advertising
Hosted by

Colin Reid

Sr Director Analyst


Michael McGuire

VP Analyst