BuySmart: Data Science and Machine Learning Bake-Off

On-Demand | 2 hours
Discussion Topics:
  • What are the key features to consider and how do leading vendors compare in action?
  • How can you improve your own evaluation process and internal proofs of concept?
  • What are the main strengths and weaknesses of these vendors?

This session will provide attendees an opportunity to see end-to-end capabilities of three popular data science and machine learning platforms – Dataiku, RapidMiner and IBM – in action in a controlled, consistent setting side-by-side via scripted demonstrations with common data sets. This virtual session, based on the popular Data Science and Machine Learning session held previously at our Data and Analytic Summit, is educational to help prospective buyers and influencers understand the analytic process and the look, feel, use and application of each tool.

Hosted by
Carlie Idoine,
Senior Director Analyst
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