Supply Chain

Build Supply Chain Leadership Influence in the Boardroom

| 1 hour

We require steady leadership to navigate today’s steady leadership. Companies look to their Boards of Directors and CEOs to adapt their strategies, drive performance, and actively manage the risks and opportunities in today’s climate. These leaders look to their supply chains to deliver performance, remain resilient to the changing business environment, and contribute to competitive advantage. This complimentary webinar uses the findings from the Gartner Board of Directors study to delve into how the board’s evolving priorities impact supply chain leaders, and reveals ways that successful supply chain leaders build credibility and enhance their influence with the Board of Directors.

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Discussion Topics:
  • Key issues for Boards of Directors, and how they impact supply chain leaders
  • Building personal credibility as the foundation for influence
  • Shaping supply chain strategies to have an impact on board priorities
Hosted by

Ken Chadwick

VP Analyst