Information Technology

Process Mining for Sustainable Hyperautomation

| 1 hour

For years, organizations have “thrown” automation and technology at any problem, issue, or perceived inefficiency. This created a huge “collective” debt for technical, process, data, architecture, talent, security, and social issues. Now we add “hyper” to somehow increase the sense of urgency, velocity, and volume of how many processes are automated. Process mining plays a fundamental role in creating the visibility and understanding before you automate, and it lays the groundwork for intelligent operational resilience, which helps you alter operations in the face of changing business conditions. This complimentary webinar looks at the processes and technologies you need to harness intelligent operational resilience to gain a competitive edge and enable quick, local process modification.

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Discussion Topics:
  • Create visibility and understanding before you automate
  • Orchestrate automation across the organization to overcome the “collective” debt
  • Become an intelligent resilient organization
Hosted by

Marc Kerremans

VP Analyst