Human Resources

Track Labor Market Trends To Compete for Talent

| 1 hour

Business disruption increased 260% in the last five years, and COVID-induced digital transformation is changing business models at an unprecedented speed. It is imperative for HR leaders to use talent signals to sense evolving skillsets, understand profiles to hire, and track shifting labor market dynamics. Join us for this complimentary Gartner TalentNeuron webinar to find out why knowing the roles and skills of the hires and prospective hires of your traditional and non-traditional competitors, peer group, customers, and suppliers enables you to gain a competitive advantage.

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Discussion Topics:
  • Use talent sensing to create business intelligence
  • Build a dynamic skills strategy
  • Execute build, buy and location strategies in a total skills marketplace
Hosted by

Scott Engler

VP, Advisory

Darshan Sangani

Specialist, Advisory