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Increase Impact with New Product Development

| 1 hour

Companies that fail to effectively match technologies to customer and market needs are more vulnerable to R&D product failure, especially in volatile times. While many companies invest in new tools and build processes to select and validate front-end ideas, they find it more difficult to assess the increasingly complex and rapidly changing market and customer landscapes. How can R&D leaders increase the hit rate of new products launched in volatile times? Gartner found the answer is establishing a challenging posture, always questioning and never being complacent, and securing a high level of fidelity to customer signals. This complimentary webinar breaks down the organizational barriers to adopting a challenging posture, and demos Gartner’s “Challenger Toolkit” for R&D organizations.

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Discussion Topics:
  • Why new product development is critical for long-term growth
  • Stakeholder management and meeting customer needs are paramount in volatile times
  • Make challenging posture a part of your R&D organization’s DNA
Hosted by

Atul Dighe

VP, Advisory