3 Strategic Sales Actions for the Postpandemic Reset

| 1 hour

Following the acute response to the COVID-19 outbreak, chief sales officers (CSOs) quickly adapted to temper pressures stemming from precarious market conditions. There is significant pressure to recover and renew ahead of the overall economy as well as the competition. Unfortunately, if CSOs move too quickly (e.g., hiring sellers ahead of the demand curve), they may be burdened with idle resources that financially constrain the organization. If they react too slowly, they risk their competitors taking market share. This complimentary webinar will help CSOs lead their organizations through the recovery and into the renew phase by focusing on the intersection of disruptions, trends, and future demands to create value and optimize costs.

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Discussion Topics:
  • Understand the postpandemic planning framework
  • Focus on the intersection of current disruptions, emerging trends, and future demands
  • Explore three strategic sales actions that will most improve results amid the pandemic recovery.
Hosted by

Dave Egloff

VP Analyst