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The Top ‘Predictors of Productivity’ for a Hybrid Workplace (Remote + Onsite)

| 1 hour

Leaders harbor concerns about how to measure the productivity of remote workers. This often leads to undesirable micromanaging. Employee monitoring software can help, but evidence shows it can result in heightened employee anxiety, spoiling bonds of trust. Measuring the productivity of remote employees can be tricky, complex, and might cross some ethical lines. However, you can easily measure the “predictors of productivity,” putting on different lenses to the typical approach. This complimentary webinar breaks down these “predictors of productivity” and the lenses you need to track them.

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Discussion Topics:
  • Leverage the elements of a culture of resilience to identify the behaviors that yield productivity
  • Measure non-traditional behavioral changes that are predictors of productivity
  • Create productivity co-responsibility between managers and individual contributors
Hosted by

Deonn Griffin

Sr Director Analyst


Daniel Sanchez-Reina

Sr Director Analyst