Information Technology

The Emerging and Vital Trends in Analytics and Data Science Platforms

| 1 hour

The proliferation of augmented capabilities within analytics, business intelligence, and data science and machine learning products is making once-distinct markets collide. The result is platforms with extended capabilities to accommodate a revised flow of analytic processes across all analytics capabilities, regardless of the user’s perspective. This disruption is now playing out during the COVID-19 pandemic, putting a spotlight on organizations’ agility with predictions and actionable insights. This complimentary webinar will help leaders turn the collision of markets, caused by the rise of augmented analytics, into a constructive convergence that propels their organization’s analytics program forward.

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Discussion Topics:
  • Current and emerging trends in analytics platforms and data science platforms
  • Short-term implications as this ongoing collision plays amid the COVID-19 disruption
  • The long-term projection of the collision’s after effects and new market dynamics
Hosted by

Peter Krensky

Director Analyst


Austin Kronz

Sr Principal Analyst