Information Technology

The Gartner Framework to Jump Start Innovation

| 1 hour

Deciding on the best approach to drive innovation is a growing challenge for CIOs and other innovation leaders. The pressure to innovate through technology is constant, and potential innovators face an ever-expanding range of available approaches. Many innovation leaders know they have to “do something,” but they are unsure exactly what that something should be. This complimentary webinar will give you clarity about that something, as we explore the Gartner Innovation Framework, which helps CIOs and other innovation leaders assess their goals and current situation to determine the innovation approaches and activities most likely to yield their desired results.

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Discussion Topics:
  • Use strategic objectives and goals to guide innovation planning
  • Understand, define, and establish the context and principles that shape your innovation journey
  • Determine the innovation activities most likely to achieve your goals and design a plan of action
Hosted by

Peter Skyttegaard

Sr Director Analyst