Information Technology

Drive Midsize Enterprise Transformation with Infrastructure-led Disruption

| 1 hour

Infrastructure-led Disruption (ILD) drives disruption and embraces risk to deliver continuous innovation to the business, using Infrastructure & Operations technologies, processes, people and capabilities. Midsize enterprise (MSE) I&O Leaders & CIOs must leverage their inherent benefits, such as size, scale, agility and close alliances with the business to drive ILD. This complimentary webinar looks at how driving infrastructure-led disruption helps deliver transformation of the business model and innovation.

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Discussion Topics:
  • Major trends and challenges affecting midsize enterprise (MSE) I&O leaders and CIOs
  • Leadership skills and competencies that MSE I&O leaders and CIOs need
  • Actions and best practices that MSE I&O leaders, CIOs and their team must implement
Hosted by

Mike Cisek

VP Analyst