Marketing and Communications

Best Practices to Improve Content Production Efficiency

| 1 hour

Communications content production is often slowed by inefficiencies arising from common pain points inherent to many communications workflows. More progressive content production teams deploy project management strategies that empower content creators to take full ownership of projects, improving efficiency and quality. In this complimentary webinar, Amanda Wener, senior communications advisor at Bombardier, a “most innovative” honoree in this year’s Gartner Communications Awards, shares how her team uses dedicated end-to-end project managers and reimagining of the Editorial Calendar Manager role to markedly improve content production efficiency and content quality.

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Discussion Topics:
  • How to plan and manage communications projects more effectively from inception to delivery
  • How to ensure content is coordinated across function and organizational silos
  • Non-content creation roles that can help maximize the effectiveness of content creation
Hosted by

Dorian Cundick

VP, Advisory

Amanda Wener

Senior Communications Advisor, Internal Communications, Bombardier