Human Resources

The 3 Keys of the New Employment Deal HR Leaders Can Prioritize

| 1 hour

The historical relationship between employers and employees no longer reflects the reality of work. The events of 2020 upended where, when, and how work gets done around the world, making it urgent for organizations to rethink the deal they’ve established with their workforce. This presents HR leaders with a valuable opportunity to build a new employment deal that better reflects the unique, individual lives of employees. This complimentary webinar delves into the three critical dimensions of a new, humanized employment deal that both improves employees’ experiences and produces better performance outcomes for the organization.

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Discussion Topics:
  • How a more humanized employment deal generates competitive advantage
  • 3 dimensions of a humanized employment deal for HR leaders to prioritize
  • Best practices from global organizations for enacting a humanized employment deal
Hosted by

Brian Kropp

Distinguished VP, Research