Information Technology

Digital Acceleration of Global Commerce Demands New Business Infrastructures

| 1 hour

New, digitally enabled infrastructures lay the foundation for how goods and services will be created, valued and exchanged. These infrastructures will accelerate commercial activity, improve efficiency and enable the creation and remittance of new forms of value. But at what cost? Who controls these infrastructures and the commerce that they carry, and should you use them? This complimentary webinar will delve into how the future of global commerce will unfold and the opportunities, threats and implications for your enterprise or government agency.

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Discussion Topics:
  • New digital infrastructures and competitive tensions driving digital acceleration
  • Digital assets you can create, value and exchange via new business and societal infrastructures
  • How your organization should engage with the new infrastructures and on what terms
Hosted by

David Furlonger

Distinguished VP Analyst


Christophe Uzureau

VP Analyst