Information Technology

The 8 Principles of Leadership Transitions in Government

| 1 hour

Government IT leaders change roles frequently due to election cycles, job rotations and normal career decisions. Each transition causes chaos, frustration and delays in achieving service outcomes, impacting the major players in different ways. Those different perspectives result in mixed messages about priorities, broken decision-making processes and general confusion about what work might get changed. Governments need to turn these transitions into an organizational competency that minimizes their impact on the delivery of services for citizens. This complimentary webinar looks at the principles that will help government organizations reduce the chaos and frustration of leadership changes.

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Discussion Topics:
  • The transition principles that will keep the affected parties of a transition aligned
  • What incoming and outgoing leaders must do to create a more seamless transition
  • How remaining staff can navigate the political waters of a transition
Hosted by

Christie Struckman

VP Analyst