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Balancing Cost and Growth: 7 Mistakes to Avoid in 2021 (Australia Time)

| 1 hour

As executives shift their focus to 2021, they face massive uncertainty about how the global pandemic and customer preferences will impact their business. Executives are under pressure to digitize their business while simultaneously right-sizing their spend. Gartner has identified 7 major mistakes that executives must be aware of and tactical plans to mitigate if they want to successfully balance cost and growth. Join this complimentary webinar to understand how to avoid these mistakes and learn from an esteemed panel of Gartner experts from our finance, sales, IT, human resources, and marketing practices to ensure your organization is set up for success.

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Discussion Topics:
  • 7 mistakes that executives must avoid to balance cost and growth
  • Effectively digitize business while simultaneously right-sizing spend
  • Manage uncertainty within the business in 2021
Hosted by

Samantha Ellison

Sr Principal Analyst


Steve Rietberg

Sr Director Analyst


Sanil Solanki

Managing Vice President


Ewan McIntyre

VP Analyst


Piers Hudson

Sr Director Analyst