Information Technology

The 2021 CIO Agenda: Rebuild the Future

| 1 hour

COVID-19 is a human and public health tragedy that is turning into an economic one. What should CIOs and IT leaders do to rebuild the future of their enterprise? Drawing from one of the longest-running surveys of its kind in the world, Gartner CIO Agenda 2021 sets out the actions necessary for CIOs and IT leaders to enable their enterprises to rebuild and reset their course after the COVID-19 disruption. This complimentary webinar delves into the findings of Gartner CIO Agenda 2021.

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Discussion Topics:
  • How COVID-19 continues to impact enterprises differently by industry and region
  • Steps CIOs must take to respond to the continuing health and economic challenges
  • What CIOs can do to position their enterprises for postpandemic success
Hosted by

Tomas Nielsen

VP Analyst


Jan-Martin Lowendahl

Distinguished VP Analyst