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The Top Priorities for Technology CEOs in 2021 (GMT)

| 1 hour

What’s on the minds of technology company CEOs as we move toward 2021? The Gartner Score maturity assessment tool enables technology CEOs to gauge maturity and rate importance over a range of topics in four categories: Product strategy and launch; customer acquisition; business performance management; and corporate development. This complimentary webinar looks at technology company CEOs’ top priorities for 2020 and what might lie ahead in 2021. We also will compare these results with those from the 2020 Gartner Annual Tech CEO Survey.

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Discussion Topics:
  • Technology CEOs’ top priorities
  • Important challenges that tech CEOs’ are not confident they can solve
  • A community where tech CEOs can collaborate and share challenges and solutions
Hosted by

Jeff Chamberlain

Sr Director Analyst