Information Technology

7 Characteristics of Highly Effective Digital Leaders

| 1 hour

Digital business transformation classically focuses on organizational elements like processes, systems, and technology. However, the element that gets very little attention, but that may be the most fundamental is effective leadership. Digital leaders can have an enormous impact on the success or failure of digital transformation in the enterprise. The pandemic caused significant digital business initiative acceleration, which in turn required changing many aspects of the current digitalization approach, including how much its leaders transform themselves. This complimentary webinar looks at the specific actions that digital leaders must take to reset priorities and structure their mindset, people, processes and technology in the right way.

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Discussion Topics:
  • How digital disrupts business and leadership
  • Why digital leaders must generate value and not just react to business requirements
  • Standout characteristics that differentiate regular leaders from successful digital leaders
Hosted by

Apoorva Chhabra

Associate Principal Analyst

Mary Mesaglio

Distinguished VP Analyst, Research