Information Technology

The Gartner 2021 Government CIO Agenda: Step Up for Digital Acceleration

| 1 hour

COVID-19 made government leaders pay greater attention to what their CIOs are doing, and to buy in more strongly to their IT leaders’ strategy. The Gartner 2021 CIO survey reflects a significant change in many government organizations' perspectives on technology and the CIO. This complimentary webinar delves into the findings of Gartner CIO Agenda 2021 for government CIOs to understand the response and efficacy of government organizations to the COVID-19 crisis.

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Discussion Topics:
  • How COVID-19 impacted governments around the world
  • Steps government CIOs took to respond to the continuing challenges
  • How government CIOs are rebuilding for post-pandemic success
Hosted by

Apeksha Kaushik

Associate Principal Analyst