Supply Chain

Leverage Data & Analytics to Reinforce Supply Chain Digitalization

| 1 hour

High-performing companies invariably share one commonality: The ability to leverage data and analytics to make better supply chain decisions. Yet, analytics success continues to elude many supply chain organizations. While analytics are universally recognized as an enabler of digitalization, many organizations lack a clear understanding of the drivers for adoption and the expected benefits. This complimentary webinar looks at the significant hurdles that organizations face in evolving their supply chain talent towards data-driven decision-making, and how to overcome those hurdles.

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Discussion Topics:
  • Define analytics goals, secure talent, invest in technology, and prioritize use cases
  • Demonstrate business value by using a comprehensive ROI framework
  • Upskill supply chain staff and revisit talent acquisition strategies to build an analytics culture
Hosted by

Noha Tohamy

Distinguished VP Analyst