Tech and Service Providers

The B2B Buying Myths That Are Costing You Business

| 1 hour

As technology becomes more integrated into business operations, the behaviors and approaches to acquiring that technology continue to evolve. Software vendors and IT service providers must constantly review and adjust their marketing and sales approaches to achieve the results they desire. This complimentary webinar breaks down fundamentally wrong myths -- strong preconceptions -- that many tech and service providers (TSPs) use to shape their marketing and sales activities. Join us for a data-driven exploration of the drivers behind the myths, and the alternatives you can pursue to win more business and get better value from your resources.

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Discussion Topics:
  • The truth about whether business or IT controls technology decisions
  • The risk of using highly personalized messages to drive engagement
  • The value of cross-functional participation on buying teams
Hosted by

Hank Barnes

Distinguished VP Analyst


Derry Finkeldey

VP Analyst