Growth Amid Upheaval: Creating a Drag-Free Initiative Portfolio

| 1 hour

Strategy leaders find their organizations at a perilous crossroads amid significant economic crisis and industry upheaval. Despite a need to reignite growth, teams responsible for growth initiatives report that a severe lack of time, funding and resources threaten success. While many have boosted their portfolio management discipline to drive focus, the average company can still expect at least 40% of its strategic initiatives to fail. This complimentary webinar reveals how progressive firms boost the productivity of long-term investments by combatting execution drag that weighs down transformative growth initiatives and reduces their potential for success.

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Discussion Topics:
  • Why better initiative design, not prioritization, makes your strategic investments more productive
  • How to pinpoint flawed assumptions that introduce initiative portfolio drag and waste.
  • Resist using governance bodies to resolve initiative-operating model conflicts.
Hosted by

Brook Selassie

VP, Advisory