Information Technology

Make IT Your Digital Change Agent: Q&A With Nationwide CIO Gary Delooze

| 1 hour

Nationwide Building Society embraced a new role for IT in its digital transformation initiatives: Transform IT from a cost centre into a proactive change agent. The business results have been significant, with some observers even saying that Nationwide could be “technology’s best-kept secret.” What is Nationwide’s digital transformation secret? Join this complimentary webinar, as CIO Gary Delooze talks about how Nationwide Building Society uses technology innovations to create new business value, offers tips for getting senior leadership support, and fields your digitalization questions.

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Discussion Topics:
  • What makes Nationwide Building Society one of “technology’s best-kept secrets”
  • How to turn your cloud initiatives from edgy to bleeding edge
  • Secure senior leadership support for your digitalization initiatives
Hosted by

Gary Delooze

CIO, Nationwide Building Society