Research and Development

Assess the Impact of Megatrends on Research & Development Priorities

| 1 hour

During times of heightened disruption, research and development (R&D) leaders must craft a clear, compelling case for prioritized investment in transformational innovation. However, the myriad of technological advances, marketplace shifts, societal expectation and regulatory pressure make prioritizing projects and investments a guessing game. Leading R&D organizations use megatrends to better understand the future possibilities and clarify strategic direction and the overall R&D portfolio. This complimentary webinar reveals the proven methods to assess the impact of megatrends on your R&D priorities. You will learn of organizations who use megatrends to pressure-test their innovation agenda, map their innovation ecosystem, and uncover organizational and leadership biases about the future to shape a more robust and transformational R&D portfolio.

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Discussion Topics:
  • Identify and analyze megatrends to provide insights into your R&D priorities
  • Map innovation ecosystems, including both internal and external stakeholders
  • Challenge ideas about how the future will impact R&D priorities
Hosted by

Atul Dighe

VP, Advisory