Information Technology

Centralize or Federate To Drive More Value From Information and Technology

| 1 hour

There is no ideal structure that dictates the optimum number of IT organizations an enterprise should have. On one hand, business units, geographies, and agencies want a high degree of autonomy and control to meet their strategic goals. On the other hand, the business must be optimized to achieve enterprise-wide strategic goals. There is, however, a right structure for your enterprise that drives the most value out of information and technology (I&T). This complimentary webinar will help CIOs leverage a decision framework to design their optimum enterprise I&T structure to deliver that value and achieve the optimum level of autonomy, interoperability, innovation, and operational excellence.

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Discussion Topics:
  • How the perceived value of I&T drives the degree of centralization or decentralization
  • How a high degree of commonality drives greater centralization and wide variations drive decentralization
  • How to diagnose I&T structure and operating model as the barriers to achieving optimum value
Hosted by

Donna Scott

Distinguished VP Analyst