Information Technology

Enhance Your Application Strategy: Utilize Providers of AI in the Cloud

| 1 hour

As language, vision and machine learning (ML) cloud services grow in number, organizations gain easy access to artificial intelligence (AI) without having to build AI models from scratch. While these services are far from mature, they offer immediate value to businesses that want to enhance their application portfolio with AI and machine learning. Should you and could you stay with the single cloud provider to take advantage of a familiar environment? Or should you go multi-cloud to mix and match best-of-breed capabilities? This complimentary webinar helps you determine the right AI strategy for your organization.

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Discussion Topics:
  • Why more organizations can access AI without building AI models from scratch
  • Understand the major cloud AI service categories and how to use them
  • Customize cloud AI services without building machine learning models
Hosted by

Van Baker

VP Analyst