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The Art of the 1-Page Strategy: Less is More

| 1 hour

Let’s get your strategy down to one page. Yes, one page. Creating a strategy used to be an arduous and lengthy process that lasted months and resulted in a document that was hundreds of pages. It was WORN -- Written Once, but Read Never. Developing a strategy is easier today, with 15 pages replacing hundreds, but even that is 14 too many. So, how can you get your strategy down to a single page? This complimentary webinar looks at why you need a more concise strategy and what that should include to make the biggest impact on your business stakeholders.

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Discussion Topics:
  • Learn why the 1-page strategy is more effective than traditional approaches
  • Pare down your strategy to 1 page
  • Use storytelling to craft a more impactful strategy
Hosted by

Heather Colella

VP Analyst