Information Technology

The Cloud Journey: Pivot From Strategy to Transformation

| 1 hour

EDT: 11:00 a.m. | BST: 16:00

Not all cloud journeys are the same, but there are similarities. Journeys range from infrastructure replacement to digital transformation, with many others in between. A business-driven strategy coupled with a pragmatic adoption/migration plan are critical. Yet, it is vital that you know where you are and where you are headed on your cloud journey. What is the right recipe for success? This complimentary webinar brings together all the ingredients to enable the right cloud journey for your organization. You will discover the critical challenges for organizations like yours and best practices for utilizing the cloud to its fullest potential.

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Discussion Topics:
  • Ensure you keep your focus on cloud strategy as you move into implementation
  • Best practices for a successful cloud implementation
  • Pair a business-driven strategy with a pragmatic adoption/migration plan
Hosted by

Douglas Toombs

VP Analyst, KI Leader


David Mitchell Smith

Distinguished VP Analyst