Information Technology

Craft a Pragmatic Government IT Strategy That Resonates and Innovates

| 1 hour

Strategic planning should be a time of innovation and inspiration that solves current challenges and anticipates future success. However, that is not the experience of most government CIOs, who have to juggle politics, administration changes, federated governance and complex funding models across diverse stakeholders. This complimentary webinar will focus on what matters most for government CIOs and how you can efficiently and effectively use your agency’s strategic planning activities to elevate your value through pragmatic digital leadership.

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Discussion Topics:
  • Craft a good government IT strategy that has the right impact on the right people
  • Strategy, strategic plan or roadmap: What’s the difference and why should you care
  • Find out where and how you should start
Hosted by

Cathleen Blanton

VP Analyst


John Kost

Distinguished VP Analyst